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Vata Dosha Incense Bricks

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2 boxes of Vata Dosha Incense Bricks with 9 bricks each

Burn to induce : Productivity, Calm, and Clarity

Scent Profile : Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, Frankincense and Basil

Influenced by the Air and Space Elements, Vata Dosha is an energetic dosha associated with flexibility and creativity. Aromafume’s Vata Dosha Incense Bricks are made with natural ingredients like- Geranium, Vetiver, Juniper, Basil, and Mandarin Orange; delicately blended with Frankincense, and Vanilla; combined with undertones of Neroli, and Clove to release a delightful aroma that helps in Balancing the Vata Dosha.

When your Vata is balanced, energy flows effortlessly through the body, and people with Vata dosha are on their toes all the time. But when Vata imbalance happens, they can experience physical/bodily issues like constipation, hypertension, weakness, restlessness, and other stomach or digestion-related problems. Vata decrease causes weakness, speech problems, and a state of confusion.

Use this low-smoke, non-toxic incense by placing an incense brick on the copper plate of our custom exotic burner while lighting a tea-light candle below it. These bricks are traditionally prepared using sustainably sourced natural materials for their aromatic and cleansing properties.