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Buy 2 or more - Get 5% off (Code: AROMAFUME)
Buy 2 or more - Get 5% off (Code: AROMAFUME)
Every scent has a secret. Let's reveal it.

Every scent has a secret. Let's reveal it.

Our sense of smell connects us to the world in profound ways. The key to our deepest memories and emotions, it has the power to calm the mind, invigorate the spirit and seduce the imagination.

With powerful aromas crafted with the best nature has to offer, Aromafume strives to help you uncover the transformative power of smell in enhancing your well-being.

Our Story
Made with essential oils
Pure & Natural
Sustainably sourced
Crafted in small batches

All Time Favorites

What sets us apart

  • Natural & Sustainable Ingredients

  • Blended by expert aromatherapists

  • Inspired by our global community

The voice of our customers

Nag Champa Incense Bricks

“Just Wow. Have you walked into a new age store and all those wonderful smells from the incense just make you want to stay forever? This reminds me of that. There’s also virtually no smoke which is a relief for my breathing problems”

Emily Sears

White Sage & Rose Natural Mist

“Love this spray, really lightens up the space. Makes my home feel rosy and cozy”

Julie Mac

7 Chakra Incense Bricks

“Amazing product! Smokeless incense that smells divine. Fills the whole room up really quickly and lasts a long time. I used it in my sound temple and healing room
and clients always love the scent when they walk in”

Shehra Mocellin

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7 Chakra Roll On Set

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White Sage Incense Brick Set

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Feng Shui Natural Mist Set

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Spiritual Awareness Essential Oil Set

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