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About Us

Aromafume was inspired by a vision to blend luxury and natural, and present a formidable aromatic experience to the consumers around the world. We develop products that will smell great, all the time, and work with natural materials, pure extracts, resins, oils which are sourced from around the globe. We have embarked on this journey with age old Incense recipes, passed down five generations of our family. In addition, we have been blending natural materials, resins, raw aromatics, and mixing essential oils for eons. All that knowledge is packed into our products. These recipes, which we now call formulations, were first developed on our family farm, where we grew some aromatics and played with materials from the family business which was trading in aromatic woods and resins – from across the incense route (more information on our family history is available below). Aromafume is bringing you an assortment of fantastic blends, which are produced with environmental caution, and good manufacturing practices.

We are really fussy about our quality and want you to have only the best. The process of reaching our goal needs two things from you - feedback and recommendations. We’d love to hear from you – with thoughts, complaints, requests, criticism and suggestions – we want it all. Do let us know how we can be of better service to you. And once that is done, please tell everyone you know about your experience.

Aromafume is making its mark in the world, available online in several countries and gracing the shelves of a number of stores across the world. We use the best quality ingredients sourced globally, and develop products that we love to use in our own homes.

If you like what we’re doing here and appreciate our products – tell your friends, their friends and even random strangers on the street. And if you want to tell us you can get in touch with us on