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History of Aromafume

Aromafume is a family owned business. We have been in the business of trading and blending natural fragrances, aromatic raw materials, blended concoctions and incense since 5 generations going all the way back to 1907. Our ethics, values and commitment to quality has stood the test of time, and helped us to expand and modernize the business, into the form in which we present it to you today. Our journey with the art of oil distillation and the world of natural aromatics began in the City of Aden which was a very important port on the Spice and Frankincense trade route and a bustling British Colony off the horn of Africa.

Our ancestors traded Exotic Spices, Fragrant woods and Aromatic Gums & Resins; Over the years, recipes and blends were developed for superior aromatic burning, to enjoy the traded merchandise in our home! Today we have enhanced the age old art of blending fragrances and natural materials and launched our signature incense bricks!

The tradition of burning incense and the use of aromatic extracts goes back centuries to please the gods or for medicinal and alternative therapies. Incense is known as Bakhoor in Arabic, Qetoret in Hebrew, Dhupa in Sanskrit, Koh in Japanese and Xiang in Mandarin and its use is deeply embedded in most cultures.

We have done a deep dive into natural extracts and taken a research driven approach to developing blended oils and incense products based on traditional practices of the various civilizations and merging these ancient practices with modern day science for product safety and excellence. We are at the forefront of the industry, and welcome you to join us in enjoying our products, and spreading the word!

Please feel free to drop us a line, ask any questions, or let us know if you have any comments on - we will definitely get back to you!