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Nag Champa Natural Mist

Nag Champa Natural Mist | Floral & woody scent to induce peace & tranquillity | Blend of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Geranium & more

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Product Contents:

  • 100ml - Mist Bottle

Spray to induce: Warmth, Spiritual Connection & Bliss

Smells like: Earthy, Woody & Floral

Scent profile: Sandalwood, Geranium, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

Key Benefits:

  • Helps you relax & unwind, promoting a sense of peace & uplifting your mood.
  • Enhances focus & minimises distractions, elevating your meditation routine.
  • Effectively neutralises & masks unpleasant smells & smoke in your house.
  • It is travel friendly & easy to use, spray on fabrics & promote inner balance

It's ideal for eliminating odours and enhancing relaxation, meditation, yoga, healing, and overall wellness. Simply shake the bottle, spray it on fabrics, rooms, linens, your car, or gym bag, and enjoy the soothing aroma for a serene experience.

Ethically Sourced
Sustainably Made
Pure & Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free

The Story of Nag Champa


What is the scent of Mysticism, captured in the creamy notes of Nag Champa?

If you’ve walked through a temple street in India, you will be drawn to the magical medley of scents on the road - an assortment of flowers, holy woods, spices, and smokey incense. Nag Champa is a delicate blend of these otherworldly scents - centred around its earthy and floral notes.

Reminiscent of the “Nag'' (serpent) deity, and the sacred “champaca” tree found in India and Nepal, this scent is linked to the traditional spiritual incense of ancient Indian and Buddhist monasteries where it was used to create a meditative atmosphere. Nag Champa was then spread to the world by travellers and hippies of the 1960’s in its most beloved form - the incense stick. 

Today,  there are a lot of natural fragrances blended across the world, however, Nag Champa will always be a classic, one of a kind aroma. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Its like being in a temple.

I use both Nag Champa mist and smokeless brick in my massage room. All my clients love it and always compliment the beautiful smell. Like being in a temple ❤️

Sally Foulser

I love the smell of Nag Champagne but find the joss-stick version is too much trouble. Having discovered that it's available in a room spray is so much nicer. Have been liberally spraying it around the house which smells divine. Thanks!

Jacqueline Lamb
I love this Nag Champa spray...

A great smell, exactly like the NC bricks I use in the burner. So quick to bring that uplifting aroma to any room. Amazing product.

Nicola McCrystal-Jansson
Smells exactly like a newly opened box of nag champer incense

Have you ever opened up a box of incense and fell in love with the smell, but when you burned it, it was totally different to the raw unlit aroma? Happens to me all the time with some of the stronger Indian incense, but this spray smells exactly like first opening the incense box. Absolutely Love Love Love it! I spray it in my bedroom and have none of the smoke irritating my nose or chest I would have had burning this in incense form.

Sharon Vaughan
Brings me peace

Such a relaxing scent. Reminds me of my teen years. I would recommend to anyone who needs a day off. Wonderful for yoga practice or just sitting and reminding yourself.