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Myrrha Commiphora Resin ½ lb (227 g)

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1 Pack containing ½ lb of Myrrha Commiphora / Myrrh Tears of Myrrha Commiphora

Burn to induce:  Enlightenment, Clarity and, Positivity

Scent Profile: Woody, Warm, and Bitter-Sweet

Myrrh is a Biblically significant, reddish-brown Resin from the thorny Commiphora Myrrha tree, native to East Africa. Myrrh has been traditionally used for healing, as well as spiritual rituals. Aromafume’s Myrrh Natural Resin have a uniform crystallized appearance and are hand sorted to provide the finest available Myrrh Resin from Somalia. The consumption of Myrrh is know to purify and cleanse spaces of negative energy and generate a soothing and relaxing feeling with a long lasting scent! When burned, it will help you maintain a state of enlightenment and clear negativity and illusions that stand in the way of seeing the truth!

Pure Myrrh Resins is burned spiritually and traditionally in mosques, churches, temples, monasteries and other places of worship to Purify the space. It soothes, and relaxes the senses evoking an aura of positivity and happy thoughts.

Increase your sense of well being and improve mental focus by burning natural aromatics at your home! Aromafume products are made using several natural ingredients for their aromatic properties. In our procurement of natural ingredients, we are conscious of the source and believe in 'fair trade' principles and long term sustainability of resources

Caution: Do Not Eat - For external use only