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7 Chakra Incense Bricks & Burner - Super Set

7 Chakra Incense Bricks & Tree of Life Burner for inner balance Chakra Balance | Assortment of natural scents for Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye & Crown Chakra

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Product Contents:

  • 7 trays x 9 bricks each (1 tray for each chakra)
  • Tree of Life - Incense Brick Burner 
  • 7 complimentary trial brick sachets

Blended by a Chakra Alignment Herb Master, Aromafume 7 Chakra Incense Bricks have a delicately balanced fragrance which comes from sustainably sourced natural aromatic materials which exude natural positivity when burned. Every Chakra Incense Brick has a uniquely crafted recipe that includes Aromatic flowers, fruits, and plant extracts that have been beautifully blended and combined with undertones of natural resins and aromatic woods. The 7 Chakra blends are designed to put the power of natural fragrance into aligning your Chakras

The 7 Chakras - Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye, and Crown are energy points in your body. Each Chakra is of specific importance in the body and the alignment aids and abets your state of well being. When your Chakras are aligned, your physical and spiritual self are fully receptive to the energy of the universe. To function at your best, regular Chakras alignment work is the most effective.

Use Aromafume’s low-smoke, non-toxic incense by placing a brick on the copper plate of our custom exotic burner and lighting a tea light candle below it. The aroma released will elevate your state of mind and free you from physical and emotional distress!

Ethically Sourced
Sustainably Made
Pure & Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bridie Long
Chakra set

After Burning the White sage and loving the scent I thought I would treat myself to a couple more gift sets. I absolutely love the white sage but was really saddened and quite disappointed with the assorted chakra Bricks and don't burn as long. The scents weren't to my liking at all and my daughter thought the cat had sprayed when I burned the Muladhara brick. The sahasara Brick are the best out of this selection. But sadly I won't be buying this set again, I will just stick with the white sage from now on.

7 chakra super set.

Lovely box to keep & display incense bricks.
Each scent filled the room and created a calming cosy atmosphere. Nice little touch were the added samples, which have inspired me to buy more. The tree of life burner is well made with a copper burning dish and wooden base, looks really pretty when the candle is lit & glowing away.

Susan Anderton
Fab product

I love the smell of these bricks without the mess of the usual incense sticks .. I have already placed an order for a re-fill brick set ..

mhairi linklater
Wonderful aromas

Love the incense bricks .less mess and my home smells great .

Favorite incense

I use my tree of life and bricks daily, during meditation and asana practice, but also when I need some calm and relaxing moments. I love the tree, it's beautiful and easy to use. The bricks are great. I highly recommend!