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Frankincense Resin - Grade A - Boswelia Serrata (1lb / 453g)

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1 Pack containing 1lb of Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Serrata; Origin: India)

Burn to induce:  Relaxation, Positivity, Calm, and Grounding

Scent Profile: Woody, Sweet, and Citrus Lemon

Frankincense is a Biblically significant, hardened gum-like material (resin) that comes from Boswellia Serrata trees, native to India. Frankincense helps soothe the senses, calm depression and reduce anxiety. Aromafume’s Frankincense Resin releases a rich aroma and the resin has a uniform crystallized appearance. It is renowned to help in cleansing of spaces!

Pure Frankincense Resins are burned spiritually and traditionally in mosques, churches, temples, monasteries and other places of worship to purify the space. It soothes, and relaxes the senses evoking an aura of positivity and happy thoughts. The aroma of Frankincense possesses powerful vibrational energies that act as an emotional detox.

Increase your sense of well being and improve mental focus by burning natural aromatics at your home! Aromafume products are made using several natural ingredients for their aromatic properties. In our procurement of natural ingredients, we are conscious of the source and believe in 'fair trade' principles and long term sustainability of resources

Caution: Do Not Eat - For external use only

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Stella Keenan

How do you burn the Frankincense resin? Do you just put it in the Tree of Life burner with a tealight below?How long does the scent last? Thanks!