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How can you incorporate the Nag Champa into your everyday routine?


How can you incorporate the Nag Champa into your everyday routine?

The sense of smell can control our brain function and behaviour. A single scent can illuminate our minds in an eccentric way. Whether you are new to incense or just want to expand your practice, here are 5 ways you can incorporate Aromafume’s Nag Champa Collection in your everyday routine!


1. Soothing Bath: One of the ways to appreciate the Nag Champa Natural Mist or Essential Oil Blend after a long day of work is when it is paired with a relaxing bath. The space will have a spa-like atmosphere, all thanks to the warmth and creaminess of the Nag Champa scent.  As you destress at the end of the day, the room is filled with the earthly aroma of Nag Champa, with undertones of Sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium and Nag Champa. Once the tiredness has settled, you may allow yourself to reflect on your day and mentally decompress. 

2. A magical reading experience: The connection between our mind and body can be strengthened by aromatherapy. Burning our Nag Champa incense bricks in our custom made brick burner can create a gratifying reading experience for you. The magical scent of Nag Champa can help you immerse yourself in your reading and boost attention in the fictional world, while temporarily blocking out the outside world. The aroma of Nag Champa can compliment your state of restfulness. 

3. Turn your car into a sanctuary of senses: The only time we spend alone is during the brief drive between our work and home. You can now celebrate that alone time and make the most of this time by experiencing an ‘on the go spa’ for your senses. Spray our Nag Champa Natural Balancing Mist in your car to lighten your spirit, re-energize you, and spark creativity.  Make your commute the part of your day by playing some soothing music that suits your mood and relish these moments behind the wheel.

4. Rev-up your workout routine: Essential oil blends play a major role in preparing muscles, maximising your performance and accelerating bodily recovery by lowering weariness. If you are feeling unenergetic before your workout, you can apply our Nag Champa Essential Oil Roll-on blend on your pulse points. The soothing and unwinding scent of Nag Champa is well recognized by them. The warmth of this essential oil blend will help you support your body’s cellular energy, which in turn can help you improve your fitness journey.  

5. Self-Effective Sunday: Lastly, Enjoy the magical scent of Nag Champa to wind down your week. While you are meditating, burn our Nag Champa incense brick with our custom incense brick burner and make your sunday an effective one. The incense brick will eventually  burn out, while alerting you that your meditation time has ended. Moreover, the notes of the fragrant bark - Sandwood - promotes tranquillity by easing tension in the central nervous system. This self-care Sunday regimen will give you a moment for yourself, practice mindfulness and re-energize yourself for the upcoming week.


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