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Purify Your Space - 6 Steps to Cleanse with White Sage


Purify Your Space - 6 Steps to Cleanse with White Sage

White Sage has long been valued for its purifying qualities in the world of spiritual pursuits. Your space can be transformed by a cleansing ritual using White Sage, enabling you to remove unwanted energy and foster a calm, clear environment. This blog post will go over six quick yet effective ways to use White Sage to purify your home and bring harmony and good vibes into your life.

Step 1 - Gather Your Tools 

Begin your cleansing ritual by gathering the essentials, It can be either a White sage smudge stick, essential oil or even an incense brick, additionally you might need matchsticks or a lighter and a feather or fan. These tools will assist you in the smudging process, helping you disperse the cleansing smoke throughout your space.

Step 2 - Set Your Intention

Before you light the incense, take a moment to set your intention. Clear your mind, focus on positive energy, and visualize the space being cleansed and purified. The intention-setting step amplifies the effectiveness of the smudging ritual.

Step 3 - Light the White sage 

Carefully light one end of the white Sage smudge stick using a lighter or matches. A great alternative to a smudge stick is using a smudge spray, incense brick or an essential oil. Allow it to flame for a few moments, then gently blow out the flame, letting the sage smolder. The smudge stick will release fragrant smoke, which is the purifying element of the ritual. Take in the aroma of white sage and absorb the positive energy.

Step 4 - Smudge your space 

Holding the smouldering smudge stick in one hand and the feather in the other, walk mindfully throughout each room of your space. Use the feather to fan to guide the smoke into corners, high ceilings, and hidden spaces. As you do this, visualise the smoke absorbing and dispelling any negativity, leaving behind a clean and positive atmosphere.

Step 5 - Express Gratitude and Close the Ritual

After smudging your entire space, express gratitude  for the cleansing process. Acknowledge the positive energy now present and close the ritual. 

Cleansing with White Sage is a profound and ancient practice, offering a simple yet powerful way to refresh your living space and uplift your spirit. By following these five steps, you can infuse your home with positive energy, inviting harmony, clarity and tranquillity into your life.Embrace the cleansing power of White Sage and experience the transformative effects it brings to your space and well-being.


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